Spirit Week Details: September 21-26, 2015

Dear Founders Students and Families,

Homecoming week approaches! Please mark your calendars now for the last full week of September (the 21st-26th), as we celebrate our second Spirit Week and welcome back our inaugural class of 2015 Founders graduates!

Last year’s spirit week festivities were enjoyed by all, and we hope to build on that success with an even bigger celebration this year. We have a slate of activities lined up throughout the week to which you and your family are all invited.

The theme this year is “Style of the Nile.”  This Egyptian theme will be all over Founders Classical Academy.  Grammar school classes can participate in a voluntary door decorating contest!  Students and parents may design their classroom door in a way that pays tribute to the ancient Egyptians.  Some artwork may be completed by students at home since time in the classroom for crafts is limited, and room parents can help apply the designs to the doors. Please have doors decorated by September 18th. We look forward to seeing the creative ideas that the classes come up with!
Throughout the week, students will also be able to dress up each day according to a different theme. This year, returning favorites such as “Dress like a Teacher Day” and “Hero Day” are joined by Roman Togas and the decade of the 1950’s. View the guidelines below for more details and the Spirit Week dress code. There will be a competition amongst grammar school grade levels for the best grade-level decorations and highest participation rate in dress up themes.

On Wednesday of Spirit Week, bring the family up to school for a movie night outside under the stars (movie to be announced soon). On Thursday evening, show your school spirit and join a massive pep rally hosted by the cheerleaders in support of our teams and clubs, followed by a bonfire with s’mores and a sing-a-long. The Homecoming game is Friday evening of Spirit Week.  We had over 500 people attend last year’s homecoming game, and we know we can beat that number this year.

Spirit week organization and decorations are provided by Student Council and FCA Cheer. To support these organizations or to donate towards the cost of decorations, please go to

Program of Events for Spirit Week and Homecoming 2016

·  All Week: School decorations and dress themes for each day

·  Wednesday Evening: Movie night, middle and upper school families and students

·  Thursday Evening: Outdoor pep rally at 6 PM, followed by bonfire and sing-along

·  Friday Evening: FCA Homecoming football game, 7 PM at Josey Ranch

·  Saturday Evening: High School Homecoming Dance, 7:30-10:30 PM

Thank you!

The Homecoming Planning Team

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