Cashback Programs

Cashback Programs


Please take the time to follow the instructions below to UPDATE your organization number in your Kroger account so we can continue to receive cash back rewards from Kroger! 



Kroger Community Rewards Program

FCAPTO Organization #: IY270 (UPDATED for 2018!!)

You can now link your Kroger Plus Card to the FCAPTO fundraiser account. Every time you make a purchase using your Plus Card, Kroger makes a cashback donation to the school.

You do have to re-enroll every year during the month of August.

To link your Kroger Plus Card to the FCA Reward Account:

1.  Go to and register for a digital account or log into your existing digital account.

2.  Link your Kroger Plus Card to your Digital Account.

3.  Go to your account page and scroll down to Community Rewards.  You can search for our school by entering the school’s name,  Founders Classical Academy, Lewisville, or enter the FCAPTO Organization #91023 and select our school.

4.  Your all set!  Every time you make a purchase, you earn money for your school!!

Remember to reenroll every August!

Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Program

FCAPTO Good Neighbor #: 12956

When you link your Tom Thumb Rewards Card to the FCAPTO Good Neighbor number the PTO will earn 1% cashback each quarter for total sales of every purchase made using your Reward Card.

To link your Tom Thumb Reward card to the FCAPTO Good Neighbor account:

  • Print and fill out the Good Neighbor Reward form using the FCAPTO Good Neighbor number as the Charity #. Take the completed form to the customer service desk at your local Tom Thumb.


  • Email the information to

That’s all there is to it!  From that point forward, every purchase you make using your Tom Thumb Reward card will earn 1% cash back for the PTO.