Board Member Responsibilities

Board Member Responsibilities

Below you will see more detailed descriptions of each board members responsibilities. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

The duties of the Board shall be:

  • Transact business between meetings in preparation for the General Meeting
  • Hold monthly Board Meetings
  • Create standing rules and policies
  • Create standing and temporary committees
  • Prepare and present an annual budget to the membership
  • Set Annual Dues
  • Review and approve all expenditures of FCAPTO
  • Prepare reports and recommendations to the membership

The President shall be responsible for:

  • Setting the agenda and presiding over General Meetings of the organization and Board Meetings
  • Serving as the primary contact for the Headmaster
  • Representing FCAPTO at meetings outside the organization
  • Serving as an ex officio member of all committees except the nominating committee
  • Coordinating the work of all the officers and committees so that the purpose of the organization is served
  • Having signature authority on checks
  • Making every effort to foster a sense of community within FCAPTO
  • Providing guidance and assistance to officers and Committee Chairs to ensure each fulfills his or her obligations as set by the Bylaws and the Board of Director.

The First Vice President (Aid to President) shall be responsible for:

  • Assisting the President and carrying out the President’s duties in his or her absence or inability to serve
  • Having signature authority on checks
  • Performing delegated duties assigned by the President
  • Acting as the parent liaison to the Founders Classical Academy community
  • Working with the teacher representatives to coordinate efforts in both the grammar and upper schools for FCA activities

The Second Vice President of Membership shall be responsible for:

  • Executing the annual FCAPTO membership drive
  • Maintaining an up-to-date roster of members and alumni
  • Responsible for creating the annual PTO School Directory
  • Performing delegated duties assigned by the President
  • Planning and implementing strategies for encouraging membership to attain a goal of 100% parent and teacher participation
  • Maintaining a database of volunteers and their talents
  • Having signature authority on checks

The Secretary shall be responsible for:

  • Keeping all records of the organization
  • Taking minutes at each meeting and distributing a copy to each member of the Board of Directors
  • Posting a copy of the minutes each month on the FCAPTO website
  • Handling correspondence
  • Sending notices of meetings to the membership
  • Keeping a copy of important documents and bringing them to meetings ( ie, the minutes book, bylaws, standing rules, membership list, and any other necessary supplies)

The Treasurer shall be responsible for:

  • Collecting all funds of the organization and depositing them into the bank on a timely basis
  • Keeping an accurate record of all financial transactions in an accounting system. Recording of receipts and expenditures, and pay out funds in accordance with the approval of the Board of Directors
  • Having signature authority on checks
  • Present financial statements at every meeting and at other times of the year when requested by the Board of Directors, and make a full report at the end of the year
  • Preparing the annual budget and presenting it to the Board in June, July or August for approval
  • Preparing monthly bank reconciliations
  • Working with the Audit Committee to ensure all federal and state tax returns are filed in a timely manner