Discover what the PTO is all about

The FCA Parent Teacher Organization is a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to foster excellence in education and build community through volunteer and fundraising activities at Founders Classical Academy.  We are a group of parents, guardians, faculty and staff who work together to enhance our students’ education by building relationships in order to:

  • Promote open communication between our school and our parents
  • Encourage student, parent, and administrator/faculty participation at school functions
  • Provide an atmosphere for parental support
  • Raise funds for educational and campus improvement purposes

Any parent, guardian, teacher, administrator or staff member employed at the school may become a member of the FCAPTO.

[hoot_content_block_row style=”style3″ columns=”2″ icon=”circle”] [hoot_content_block icon=”fa-users” title=”The Board”]The PTO Board consists of 9 members (5 elected officers, 3 appointed committee chairs and an FCA administrator) who manage and direct the affairs or the PTO.


[hoot_content_block icon=”fa-sitemap” title=”The Committees”]There are 3 standing committee chairs (Fundraising, Hospitality and Community Enrichment) and all PTO programs, events and activities fall under these chairs.




[hoot_content_block_row style=”style3″ columns=”2″ icon=”circle”] [hoot_content_block icon=”fa-file-text-o” title=”The Reports”]As a non-profit organization, we are obligated to make our monthly treasurer reports and meeting minutes available to the public.



[hoot_content_block icon=”fa-gavel” title=”The Paperwork”]Of course running a business takes paperwork – bylaws, tax exemption, reimbursement, funding requests, policies…


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