Dear FCA Parents:

I hope you and your children are enjoying the summer.  Our school staff have been busy here closing out tasks from the last school year, and our faculty and staff are earnestly preparing for the coming year.  We are very excited about the 2014-2015, our third year at Founders.

 One of the important tasks I had this summer was searching for a new assistant headmaster.  The search was purposeful and intentionally long; our students, parents, faculty and staff deserve nothing but excellence in all of the our school’s leaders.  Having said this, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Mrs. Erin Valdez, our new Grammar School Assistant Headmaster.

Mrs. Valdez was born in Florida.  Her family later moved to Texas where she completed home-school through twelfth grade.  She earned her undergraduate degree at Hillsdale College, and her Master’s degree at The University of California at Santa Barbara in Classical Studies.  Her vocation is education, and her career has included service at multiple classical/traditional schools including Grace Academy in Georgetown, Regents School of Austin, and St. Andrew’s School in Austin.   

 In addition to her teaching and leadership roles, Mrs. Valdez has been working with Classical Academy Press since 2004.   Her work with Classical Academic Press (CAP) included co-writing Latin readers to accompany “Latin for Children,” editing various CAP projects, and more recently, she has been writing the second edition of “Greek for Children, Primer A” and finishing the second book in the series, “Greek for Children, Primer B.”  Writing and curriculum design are two of her passions.

 Mrs. Valdez is married to Jeremy Valdez, an administrative law judge.  To learn more about her interests look for her upcoming favorites list that will be revealed along with those of the rest of our faculty and staff…  One item of a personal nature I will share about her pertains to a pet.  Mr. and Mrs. Valdez have a Cocker Spaniel named Buckley in honor of William F. Buckley.

 Mrs. Valdez has stated the following about her new position: “Working for Founders has been a dream since I first learned of Hillsdale’s Barney Charter School Initiative.  I feel very blessed to be part of such a wonderful team.  We are looking forward to getting to know our new community!”

 Mrs. Valdez’s first official day was August 1st.  You are welcome to stop by campus to greet and welcome her.  You will also have the chance to meet her at our student/parent orientations on the evening of August 22nd

 Our third year at Founders is quite promising.  I am glad Mrs. Valdez will be adding her gifts and talents to those of our excellent faculty and staff. 

Best Regards,

Jason Caros

Headmaster, Founders Classical Academy

469-464-3415 (grammar school)

972-219-2370 (upper school)