Finis origine pendet = The end depends upon the beginning…
Dear Parents,
We had a fantastic first week at Founders.   I am grateful for the wonderful students we have at Founders Classical Academy, for all the supportive and dedicated parents, and for our professional and passionate faculty and staff.  I was asked by parents each and every day last week about how things were going.  I was happy to report then and now that from the reciting of The Pledge of Allegiance to ending dismissal each school day things moved along in an almost picture perfect way.   If the old Latin adage is true, “finis origine pendet,” then we are in store for a great third year at FCA.
As for morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up, thank you for your patience and vigilance.  Both drop-off and pick up were faster and smoother than our first week last year.  Timing improved every day as it will continue to improve during the coming week.  With After Care starting this week, wait time after school should decrease.  Speaking of After Care, if you have children in the program please review procedures and communicate with Ms. DiFurio if you have questions. 
Reminders and Announcements:
Forms to Turn In:  RES Handbook Acknowledgement Form, FCA Campus Handbook Acknowledgement Form, Emergency Cards.  *if you have not done so already, please review the campus handbook.
Pot-Luck Gatherings: Potluck dinners will be held on campus this Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week – come and get to know other FCA families.  Review the attachment for details.   
EngradePro: Student/parent usernames and passwords are ready for the 2nd through 12th grades so students and parents can access grades, assignments, etc. online.  EngradePro is not used in kindergarten or in first grade.  If you do not have username information, teachers should be able to get them to you early this week. 
Hot Chocolate with the Headmaster:  Wednesday morning after student drop-off, the first Hot Chocolate with the Headmaster will take place in the grammar school cafeteria – in the building next door to the grammar school office building.  Hot Chocolate with the Headmaster refers to a series of meetings for parents beginning at 8:10 a.m. and lasting approximately 30 minutes. I will spend time during each speaking about curriculum related issues and various school policies.  Tomorrow’s session will pertain to our Kindergarten through eighth grade curriculum (Core Knowledge with enhancements).  Generally speaking, sessions will be held every other week; check the online school calendar,   These meetings are not meant for Q & A on a variety of school questions, nor for questions about a particular child.  Presentations and discussions will pertain to the topic at hand.  For parents unable to make these sessions, notes will be shared via e-mail, or posted to our web site.  Yes, hot chocolate will be provided. 
Spirit Day: The first Friday of each month is designated as Spirit Day.  Students may wear Blue Jeans without holes, without slits, and must be free of decorations or embellishments; students may not wear skinny or baggy jeans.  Students may wear any approved spirit wear t-shirts, including shirts approved for extra-curricular activities, or uniform shirts.  If students are not wearing spirit wear they must be in uniform.    
Upcoming Academic and Athletic Events: Students will soon have the opportunity to participate in school clubs and performance groups.  Announcements will be made in school and via e-mail about start dates, etc. over the next couple of weeks.   Regarding athletics, the FCA cross country, football, and volleyball teams have been practicing for some time, and will soon participate in their first competitions.  Please check the online school calendar for details.
This Friday, September 5, our varsity football team has its first ever home game vs. Holy Trinity Catholic at 7:00 PM at Josey Ranch Park, 1440 Keller Springs Rd. in Carrollton.  The concession stand will be open featuring Righteous BBQ’s famous brisket sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs and more. Gate admission is $5 adults, $3 for students, children 5 and under are free.
This Saturday, our cross country teams have their first meets of the season at Tarant County College Northeast Campus in Hurst.  The start time will be posted on our calendar later this week.  
Best wishes to our athletes and coaches on their seasons
Children’s Books: The attachment contains a transcript from a speech given at Hillsdale College last year, and published in the college’s monthly publication, Imprimis.  It is entitled, “The Case for Good Taste in Children’s Books.”  The title is a bit deceiving as the reading deals with books for younger and older children, and also has implications for the types of things adults read.  I shared it last year, but it is worth reading again in the early stage of the school year. 
Thank you for putting your trust in the faculty and staff at Founders Classical Academy.  We look forward to a great journey with you and your children.
Kind Regards,
Jason Caros
Headmaster, Founders Classical Academy
469-464-3415 (grammar school)
972-219-2370 (upper school)