Membership Drive Competition!!

Membership Drive Competition!!

The grade level with the most families signed up gets an exclusive SPIRIT DAY to wear their EXCLUSIVE PTO SPIRIT SHIRT (the kids vote on the design!)






While most schools do an all-school fundraiser, the FCA PTO asks for membership dues of only $25 per year.

WHY should I Join the PTO??

  • Financial Support – You will have peace of mind knowing that your membership dues help support the funding of the many programs that serve and provide for the faculty, staff and students at FCA.
  • Programs/Volunteer – You can learn more about the programs the PTO currently sponsors and find out where you can volunteer. There is no minimum volunteer hours requirement. We will not refuse any amount of volunteer time and effort no matter how small you may think it seems! The board members cannot run the PTO programs alone nor do we want to! We would love to have you on board with our team!
  • Let Your Voice Be Heard – During the PTO meetings you have the opportunity to express your views regarding where and how you would like to see PTO funds being used for the school.
  • School Community – Connect with other parents who have the same goals as you!
  • Family Membership Lunch – Each family will receive a free membership lunch twice a year! We have some new ideas for this year!
  • PTO School Directory – You will receive the PTO school directory! We are looking to provide a digital copy this year.
  • Swim Party (before June 2018)- Free admission to the Summer Swim Party (if you paid by the early bird registration deadline AND it’s before the pool party date).

Join by Sept. 30, 2019 to get your name in and receive the PTO School Directory. You may also purchase a Directory Ad to advertise your business, write a message for your children or post school related information, purchase an ad in the directory. 

Become a Member Today!